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Plant Safety

Plant safetyMany common plants found in the house and outdoors can cause problems if eaten or handled. Some can be quite irritating, while others can cause stomach distress, skin rashes, hallucinations or irregular heartbeats. It is very important to know the common and botanical names of all your plants, whether they are indoors or outside.

Plant guidelines

  • Do not eat any part of a plant you don't recognize as edible.
  • Do not chew on items made from imported beans or seeds.
  • Do not make teas or brews from plants you do not know.
  • Make sure children understand and follow these rules.
  • Keep plants up and out of a child's reach.
  • If the person needs medical care, take along a large sample of the plant in a brown paper bag. To help with identification, include the leaves, fruit, flowers and any other parts.
  • Place a sticker with the poison center phone number on or near your telephone.
  • Remember that the poison center can be useful to rule out potentially toxic plants before they are purchased or exposures occur.