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If you are unable to connect using the number above, call 1-800-815-8855     

Poison Prevention

Poison preventionEvery year, nearly 2.5 million people call poison centers across the U.S. with poison-related emergencies or questions. More than half of these calls involve children 5 years old or younger. By understanding how poisonings happen and how to reduce the risk, you can prevent poisonings and provide a safer environment for your family.

We have a number of poison prevention brochures, in English and Spanish, for download. While Wisconsin Poison Center focuses its attention on people, our pets can be poisoned, too. For pets and people, an area of concern can be plants and specifically, which plants cause problems.

If an exposure does occur, poison first aid should be consulted. Also, there are some products on the market to be aware of that are becoming more popular. Knowing how safe these products are is a benefit to you and your family.

PoisonHelp.org is an interactive online tool. Users can answer a few simple questions regarding substances and products. This tool is another way to get poisoning information and advice. Of course, we are always here via telephone if you prefer to talk to us.