WI Poison Center 1-800-222-1222



If you are unable to connect using the number above, call 1-800-815-8855     

Corporate Medical Safety

Each year, Wisconsin Poison Center receives more than 10,000 calls from health care providers across the state. This makes up nearly 25 percent of our call volume.

By working with the Poison Center, Wisconsin providers reduce hospital stays by as many as three days, saving patients an average of 19 percent in hospital charges. This works out to an approximate savings of $13.60 in inpatient hospital charges for every dollar spent on Poison Center operations. 

The Wisconsin Poison Center is better served by having toxicologists and other medical professionals. They work directly with the public, but also consult with other health care providers across the state. Many of these providers belong to the Wisconsin Poison Center Network.

In addition, the Poison Center offers a Corporate Medical Safety Program to corporations that would like to provide a product and medical safety consulation service to their customers.